Methodology : ID_AM001 Ver1.0

Methodology No. ID_AM001
Proposed Methodology No. ID_PM001
Sectoral scope 1. Energy industries
Title Power Generation by Waste Heat Recovery in Cement Industry
Summaries GHG emission reduction measures : Waste heat recovery (WHR) system which generates electricity through waste heat recovered from cement production facility. Electricity generated from the WHR system replaces grid electricity resulting in GHG emission reductions of the connected grid system.
Calculation of reference emissions : Reference emissions are calculated from net electricity generation by the project which replaces grid electricity import to the cement factory where the project is implemented during a given time period.
Calculation of project emissions : Project emissions are not considered as the WHR system does not utilize any fossil fuel.
Monitoring parameters : The quantity of the electricity supplied from the WHR system to the cement production facility is monitored.
Version Number Ver1.0
Status Valid
Methodology Proponent JFE Engineering Corporation
Approved Methodology
Proposed Methodology
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Date of approval 19 May 14