Approved methodologies

Methodology No. Title Latest version Status Date of approval
VN_AM006 Introduction of air conditioning system equipped with inverters Ver1.0 Valid 20 Oct 16
VN_AM004 Anaerobic digestion of organic waste for biogas utilization within wholesale markets Ver1.0 Valid 04 Aug 15
VN_AM005 Installation of energy efficient transformers in a power distribution grid Ver1.0 Valid 03 Sep 15
VN_AM008 Installation of LED lighting equipment to fishing boats Ver1.0 Valid 10 Oct 17
VN_AM001 Transportation energy efficiency activities by installing digital tachograph systems Ver2.0 Valid 20 Oct 16
VN_AM002 Introduction of Room Air Conditioners Equipped with Inverters Ver1.0 Valid 14 Jan 15
VN_AM009 Installation of Container Formation Facility at Lead Acid Battery Factory Ver1.0 Valid 10 Oct 17
VN_AM003 Improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings by utilization of high efficiency equipment Ver1.0 Valid 14 Jan 15
VN_AM007 Installation of Solar PV System Ver1.0 Valid 10 Oct 17