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Reference number Project title Status Registration date Emission Reductions (Average)
VN009 Introduction of Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners in RICOH IMAGING PRODUCTS (Vietnam) CO., LTD Project registered 15 Aug 18 112
VN008 Introduction of Amorphous High Efficiency Transformers in Southern and Central Power Grids Project registered 15 Aug 18 3,533
VN007 Introduction of Solar PV System at shopping mall in Ho Chi Minh Project registered 15 Aug 18 112
VN006 Energy saving and work efficiency improvement by introducing a new chip-on-board LED system in Vietnam Project registered 15 Aug 18 823
VN005 Introduction of High Efficiency Air-conditioning in Hotel Project registered 10 Oct 17 792
VN004 Introduction of amorphous high efficiency transformers in power distribution systems in the southern part of Viet Nam Project registered 15 May 16 610
VN003 Low carbon hotel project in Vietnam: Improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings by utilization of high efficiency equipment Project registered 15 May 16 272
VN002 Promotion of green hospitals by improving efficiency / environment in national hospitals in Vietnam Project registered 30 Nov 15 515
VN001 Eco-Driving by Utilizing Digital Tachograph System Project registered 04 Aug 15 292