Project : VN001 Eco-Driving by Utilizing Digital Tachograph System

Project title Eco-Driving by Utilizing Digital Tachograph System
Ref No. VN001
PDD form
Monitoring plan
Name of project participants (Viet Nam) Nippon Express (Viet Nam) Co., Ltd.
Name of project participants (Japan) Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
Name of third party entity (TPE) TPE-VN-001 Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited
Location of project Country: The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Region/State/Province etc: [Hanoi Operations] Hanoi [Ho Chi Minh City Operations] Binh Duong Province
City/Town/Community etc: [Hanoi Operations] Quang Minh IP, Me Linh [Ho Chi Minh City Operations] Song Than II Industrial Zone, Di An District
Latitude, longitude:

[Hanoi Operations] 21°11' 47"N 105°45'58"E (Quang Minh Warehouse) [Ho Chi Minh City Operations] 10°53' 51"N 106°45'04"E (Song Than Logistics Center)

Duration Starting date of project operation: 01 Aug 15
Expected operational lifetime of project: 10 years
Methodology No.
Emission Reductions (tCO2e) Estimated emission reductions in each year
  • - (in 2013)
  • - (in 2014)
  • 134 (in 2015)
  • 324 (in 2016)
  • 324 (in 2017)
  • 324 (in 2018)
  • 324 (in 2019)
  • 324 (in 2020)
Status Project registered
Public inputs
  • 12 Jun 15  -  11 Jul 15
Post-Registration Change Result Accept
Project title Reference number(PRC): PRC-VN001-01
Reception date of Post-REG change: 27 Dec 16
Completeness check: Complete (on 03 Jan 17)
Date at which change shall be deemed final: 24 Feb 17