Methodology : VN_AM010 Ver1.0

Methodology No. VN_AM010
Proposed Methodology No. VN_PM016
Sectoral scope 3. Energy demand
Title Introduction of tunnel and/or shuttle kiln with waste heat recovery system
Summaries GHG emission reduction measures : This methodology involves the installation of tunnel kiln and/or shuttle kiln with waste heat recovery system. Tunnel kiln and/or shuttle kiln is typically installed without waste heat recovery system. Thus the introduction of tunnel and/or shuttle kiln with waste heat recovery system will contribute to the reduction of natural gas as fuel for the kiln, and thus to the GHG emission reductions.
Calculation of reference emissions : Reference emissions are calculated by net supplied heat quantity recovered by the project waste heat recovery system and emission factor of natural gas.
Calculation of project emissions : Project emissions are not considered as waste heat recovery system does not utilize any fossil fuel.
Monitoring parameters : Quantity of supplied air for combustion which was pre-heated by waste heat recovery system; Annual average temperature of supplied combustion air entering the firing unit of project tunnel and/or shuttle kiln.
Version Number Ver1.0
Status Valid
Approved Methodology
Proposed Methodology
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  • 14 Aug 18   -  28 Aug 18
Date of approval 29 Aug 18