Methodology : ID_AM006 Ver2.0

Methodology No. ID_AM006
Proposed Methodology No. ID_PM019
Sectoral scope 3. Energy demand
Title GHG emission reductions through optimization of refinery plant operation in Indonesia
Summaries GHG emission reduction measures : Introduction of plant optimization control systems (APC) that reduce energy consumption in the hydrogen production unit (HPU) and hydro cracking unit (HCU) at a refinery plant.
Calculation of reference emissions : Reference emissions are calculated on the basis of historical specific emissions per feed (or production volume), and the feed input (or production volume) after implementation of the project. Historical specific emissions per feed (or production volume) is determined on the basis of the fuel consumption and feed input (or production volume) to HPU and HCU during a historical period before implementation of the project in certain range of period. The reference emissions will be calculated as an average of historical specific emissions in some variation of the feed input.
Calculation of project emissions : Project emissions are calculated on the basis of monitored fuel consumption at HPU and HCU.
Monitoring parameters : Quantity of feed input (or production volume) to the process unit, fuel consumption, and hydrogen production at HPU, hydrogen consumption at HCU.
Version Number Ver2.0
Status Valid
Methodology Proponent Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Approved Methodology
Proposed Methodology
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  • 13 May 17   -  27 May 17
Date of approval 04 Dec 17