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8th Joint Committee in Jakarta

10 Jul 18

The 8th Joint Committee of the Joint Crediting Mechanism between Indonesia and Japan was held in Jakarta.

Meeting Report
Annex 1: JCM Guidelines for Developing Proposed Methodology (version 02.0)
Annex 2: JCM Guidelines for Developing Project Design Document and Monitoring Report (version 03.0)
Annex 3: JCM Verification Report Form (version 01.1)
Annex 4: ID_AM015 “Energy Saving by Introduction of High Efficiency Once-through Boiler” (version 01.0)
Annex 5: ID_AM016 “Installation of gas engine cogeneration system to supply electricity and heat to facility” (version 01.0)

Registration of proposed JCM projects
- ID012 “GHG emission reductions through utility facility operation optimization system for refineries in the Republic of Indonesia”
- ID013 “Power generation by waste heat recovery in the PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk factory in Tuban”
- ID014 “Energy saving by optimum operation at an oil refinery”
- ID016 “Installation of Tribrid System to mobile communication’s Base Transceiver Stations in Republic of Indonesia”

Decision on issuance of credits
- ID001 “Energy Saving for Air-Conditioning and Process Cooling by Introducing High-efficiency Centrifugal Chiller” for the monitoring period of 1 March 14 – 31 July 15
- ID006 “Installation of Inverter-type Air Conditioning System, LED Lighting and Separate Type Fridge Freezer Showcase to Grocery Stores in Republic of Indonesia” for the monitoring period of 1 March 14 – 31 May 16