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5th Joint Committee in Phnom Penh

21 Feb 20

The 5th Joint Committee of the Joint Crediting Mechanism between Cambodia and Japan was held in Phnom Penh.

Meeting report
Annex 1: JCM Validation Report Form for REDD-plus (version 01.0)
Annex 2: JCM Verification Report Form for REDD-plus (version 01.0)
Annex 3: Rules of Implementation for the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) (version 04.1)
Annex 4: KH_AM003 “Introduction of High Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller”
Annex 5: KH_AM004 “Reducing deforestation and forest degradation through forest conservation in Cambodia”
Annex 6: KH_AM005 “Installation of inverters to distribution pumps in water treatment plant”

Registration of a proposed JCM project:
- KH002 “Introduction of High Efficiency LED Lighting Utilizing Wireless Network”

Decision on issuance of credits:
- KH001 “Introduction of Ultra-lightweight Solar Panels for Power Generation at International School” for the monitoring period of 01 Aug 16 – 31 Jul 18

Designation of a TPE for an additional sectoral scope:
- EPIC Sustainability Services Private Limited (EPIC)

Decision on change in designation status of a TPE:
- Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA)