Methodology : VN_AM003 Ver1.0

Methodology No. VN_AM003
Proposed Methodology No. VN_PM004
Sectoral scope 3. Energy demand
Title Improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings by utilization of high efficiency equipment
Summaries GHG emission reduction measures : Reduction of electricity and fossil fuel consumed by existing facilities is achieved by replacing or substituting these facilities with high efficiency equipment defined in Table 1 of the eligibility criterion 1.
Calculation of reference emissions : Reference emissions are calculated by multiplying electricity and fossil fuel consumption of the project by the ratio of efficiency of reference and project equipment, and emission factors of electricity and fossil fuel. For the installation of high efficiency lighting, reference emissions are calculated using rated electricity consumption of the lighting multiplied by operation hours.
Calculation of project emissions : Project emissions are calculated based on monitored electricity and fossil fuel consumption in the project.
Monitoring parameters : Electricity and fossil fuel consumption of the high efficiency equipment and operating hours of the high efficiency equipment and auxiliary equipment, where applicable
Version Number Ver1.0
Status Valid
Methodology Proponent Hibiya Engineering, Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd.
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  • 05 Dec 14   -  19 Dec 14
Date of approval 14 Jan 15