Methodology : TH_AM012 Ver1.0

Methodology No. TH_AM012
Proposed Methodology No. TH_PM014
Sectoral scope 3. Energy demand
Title Energy Saving by Installation of an Evaporator with Mechanical Vapor Recompression
Summaries GHG emission reduction measures : Waste heat recovery by installing an evaporator with mechanical vapor recompression.
Calculation of reference emissions : Reference emissions are calculated by steam consumption of reference evaporator, heating value of the steam, efficiencies of the project boiler and CO2 emission factor of fuel for the boiler.
Calculation of project emissions : Project emissions are calculated by electricity consumption and steam consumptions by project evaporator and CO2 emission factors for electricity and steam consumed.
Monitoring parameters : Total amount of inlet solution to evaporator; Total amount of evaporation from supplied solution by the project evaporator; Project steam consumption by project evaporator; Electricity consumption of project evaporator
Version Number Ver1.0
Status Valid
Methodology Proponent Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Approved Methodology
Proposed Methodology
Public comments
  • 18 Feb 20   -  03 Mar 20
Date of approval 20 Sep 21