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Reference number Project title Status Registration date Emission Reductions (Average)
TH009 Introduction of 30MW Rooftop Solar Power System to Large Supermarkets Project registered 27 Mar 20 12,699
TH006 Power Generation by Waste Heat Recovery in Cement Industry Project registered 02 Aug 19 29,206
TH005 Introduction of 3.4MW Rooftop Solar Power System to Air-conditioning Parts Factories Project registered 14 Jan 19 1,071
TH004 Energy Saving for Semiconductor Factory with High Efficiency Centrifugal Chiller and Compressor Project registered 20 Apr 18 324
TH003 Installation of High Efficiency Air Conditioning System and Chillers in Semiconductor Factory Project registered 20 Apr 18 3,327
TH002 Reducing GHG emission at Textile Factory of Luckytex (Thailand) Public Company Limited by Upgrading to Air-saving Loom Project registered 20 Apr 18 253
TH001 Introduction of Solar PV Systems on Rooftops of Factory and Office Building Project registered 21 Aug 17 440