JC Members

JC Members from the Mongolian side

Mr. Z. Batjargal Special envoy on Climate change of Mongolia
Mr. Z. Tsedenjav Energy Regulatory Commission of Mongolia
Mr. Ch. Khishigdalai Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry
Mr. B. Gunbold Ministry of Construction and Urban Development
Mr. Ts. Bolorchuluun Ministry of Food Agriculture and Light Industry
Ms. A. Delgermaa Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. D. Gerelnyam Ministry of Road and Transport Development
Mr. G. Davaajargal The Governor’s office of the Capital city
Mr. B. Yeren-Ulzii Ministry of Energy

JC Members from the Japanese side

Mr. Shigeru KIKUMA Embassy of Japan in Mongolia
Mr. Atsushi KATO Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Norihiro KIMURA Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mr. Kazuhisa KOAKUTSU Ministry of the Environment
Mr. Akira ICHIOKA Embassy of Japan in Mongolia