Methodology : MM_PM005

Methodology No. MM_PM005
Sectoral scope 1. Energy industries (renewable – / non-renewable sources)
Title Power Generation by Waste Heat Recovery in Cement Industry
Summaries GHG emission reduction measures : WHR system generates electricity through waste heat recovered from cement production facility. Electricity generated from the WHR system replaces grid electricity and/or captive use resulting in GHG emission reductions of the connected electricity system.
Calculation of reference emissions : Reference emissions are calculated from net electricity generation by the project which replaces grid electricity and/or captive use where the project is implemented during a given time period.
Calculation of project emissions : Project emissions are not considered as the WHR system does not utilize any fossil fuel as a heat source to generate steam for power generation.
Monitoring parameters : The quantity of the electricity supplied from the WHR system to the cement production facility and the number of days during a monitoring period
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Methodology Proponent Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
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