News :
Electronic Decision by the JC

16 Jan 20

The Joint Committee adopted the decision on a proposed JCM project, proposed methodologies and a third party entity by electronic means.

Registration of a proposed JCM project:
- MM001 “Yangon Waste to Energy plant by introducing power generation and avoidance of landfill gas emissions through combustion of municipal solid waste (MSW)”

Approval of a proposed methodology:
MM_AM004 “Installation of rice husk power plant in Ayeyarwady region”

Approval of proposed methodologies with revisions:
MM_AM002 “Installation of Energy-efficient Refrigerators Using Natural Refrigerant at Cold Storage”
MM_AM003 “Energy Saving by Introduction of High Efficiency Once-through Boiler”

Designation of a TPE for an additional sectoral scope of 12 for validation and verification
- EPIC Sustainability Services Private Limited (EPIC)