Methodology : KE_PM003

Methodology No. KE_PM003
Sectoral scope 1. Energy industries (renewable-/non-renewable sources)
Title Installation of Run-of-river Small Hydropower Generation Plant
Summaries GHG emission reduction measures : Displacement of electricity using fossil fuel as a power source by installation and operation of a small hydropower plant.
Calculation of reference emissions : The reference emissions are calculated on the basis of the net power output of the small hydropower plant which means the gross energy generation by the project small hydropower plant minus the auxiliary/station electricity consumption, multiplied by the conservative emission factor.
Calculation of project emissions : The project emissions are the emissions from the small hydropower plant, which are assumed to be zero.
Monitoring parameters : The quantity of electricity generated by the project small hydropower plant.
Status Public inputs closed
Methodology Proponent Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd.
Proposed Methodology
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  • 02 Mar 17   -  16 Mar 17