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1. Changes to registered MoC: Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4,Q5
2. Financial support: Q6,Q7

1. Changes to registered MoC

Q1: How do I request changes to the contents of the registered MoC?

A: Depending on the cases below, please submit to the secretariat a new MoC or its annex 1 using the latest version of the “JCM Modalities of Communication Statement Form”.
[Case 1: Voluntary changes to focal point]
- To request for changes on the designation of focal point for any reason and at any time, please submit a new MoC.
[Case 2: Changes to project participants]
- To request for changes related to project participants other than Case 1, please submit a completed annex 1 of the MoC.

Q2: Which Sections in “ANNEX 1” of the MoC should I fill out to request changes to project participants?

A: It depends on the request details as follows:
[Case1: Request for addition of a project participant and/or changes related to entity names/legal status]
- Please fill out “Section1” and “Section 2”.
- If a request includes changes related to entity names/legal status as well as contact details/specimen signatures, please fill out “Section 2” incorporating all such requests. It is not necessary to fill out “Section4” for avoiding redundancy.

[Case2: Request for withdrawal of a project participant]
- Please fill out “Section1” and “Section 3”.
- If a project participant has ceased operations due to bankruptcy or other reasons and is unable to sign the form, the submission can be made by any other project participants accompanied by documented evidence of the cessation.

[Case3: Request for changes related only to contact details and specimen signatures of focal point entity or other project participants]
- Please fill out “Section1” and “Section 4”.
- If a request also includes changes related to entity names/legal status, please fill out “Section 2” instead of “Section 4” (see also “Case 1” in Q2).

Q3: Is it possible to request an addition or withdrawal or changes related to contact details of multiple project participants simultaneously?

A: Yes, please add a table of appropriate section and submit as one document.
For example, if project participants request changes related to contact details of two project participants, they can add one more table of “Section 4” in the original annex 1 and fill out “Section1” and the two tables of “Section 4”.

Q4: Whose name and signature are required at the “Signature of the nominated focal point” in the last part of each section (Sections 2 to 4)?

A: The signature of the authorised signatory (either primary or alternate) designated on the registered MoC is required in order to endorse changes to the contents of the registered MoC.

Q5: Is it possible to request changes to both primary and alternate authorised signatories simultaneously?

A: Yes, please fill out “Section 4” (or “Section 2” if a request also includes changes related to entity names/legal status) with names and specimen signatures of new signatories. Please take care that the signature of the former authorised signatory (either primary or alternate) is required at the “Signature of the nominated focal point” in line with Q4.

2. Financial support

Q6: Is there a financial support in the JCM?

A: Yes, the Japanese government provides the following financial supports for feasibility studies and initial installation cost of project equipment.

  • Programs by the Ministry of the Environment
    • Financing Programme for JCM Model Projects
      The programme provides financial support for the implementation of projects which reduce GHG emissions by utilizing leading decarbonizing technologies in developing countries, and in return seeks to acquire JCM credits for achievement of Japan’s GHG emission reduction target.
      For more information, please visit the Global Environment Centre Foundation’s website: http://gec.jp/jcm/kobo/
    • JCM F-gas Recovery and Destruction Model Project
      https://www.env.go.jp/press/press_01676.html (For FY2023. In Japanese only)
  • Program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
    • JCM Feasibility Study (FS)
      JCM FS is implemented by METI, with the purpose to develop the strategic projects which contributes to achieve the GHG emission reduction at the global level through the optimization of the advanced decarbonization technology and activate the decarbonization business in line with JCM.
      Projects whose feasibilities are confirmed through FS can proceed to the following NEDO Demonstration Project. (However, completion of FS is not mandatory to apply for the NEDO Demonstration Project.)
      https://www.meti.go.jp/information/publicoffer/kobo/2024/k240422001.html (For FY2024. In Japanese only)
    • JCM Demonstration Project
      JCM Demonstration Project is implemented by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), which demonstrates and verifies the effectiveness of advanced decarbonization technology with technical assistance and its GHG emission reduction effect in line with JCM rules and guidelines.
      Coverage of project cost: Cost of the Demonstration and verification of the projects e.g. Cost of design, production, transfer, installation of equipment, technical adviser, JCM related procedure etc.
      Eligibility for the JCM Demonstration Projects:
      - To utilize the advanced Japanese technologies utmost and be deployed widely.
      - To aim at Larger GHG emission reduction effect is expected through the diffusion of the technology introduced and demonstrated through the projects.
      - To consist the Project Participants of entities from both countries, only the Japanese entities can apply for the Projects.
      https://www.nedo.go.jp/koubo/AT092_100234.html (For FY2024. In Japanese only)

Q7: How can I find out more details about the financial supports?

A: For more detailed information such as a timeline and requirements for the application, please directly contact respective organizations in charge of the financial supports as shown in Q6.