JC Decision

Decision Date
1st Joint Committee in Battaramulla 13 Oct 23
Meeting Report
Annex 1: Joint Crediting Mechanism Rules of Procedures for the Joint Committee
Annex 1.1. Conflict of Interest Declaration Form
Annex 2: Rules of Implementation for the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)
Annex 3: Joint Crediting Mechanism Project Cycle Procedure
Annex 3.1. Project Idea Note for JCM Project
Annex 3.2. JCM Modalities of Communication Statement Form
Annex 3.3. JCM Assessment of Reference Emissions Request Form
Annex 3.4. JCM Validation Report Form
Annex 3.5. JCM Percentage of Credit Allocation Form
Annex 3.6. JCM Project Registration Request Form
Annex 3.7. JCM Project Implementation Report Form
Annex 3.8. JCM Verification Report Form
Annex 3.9. JCM Credits Issuance Request Form
Annex 3.10. JCM Renewal of Crediting Period Request Form
Annex 3.11. JCM Approved Methodology Revision Request Form
Annex 3.12. JCM Post-Registration Changes Request Form
Annex 3.13. JCM Project Withdrawal Request Form
Annex 3.14. JCM Registration Request Withdrawal Form
Annex 3.15. JCM Issuance Request Withdrawal Form
Annex 4: Joint Crediting Mechanism Guidelines for Developing Proposed Methodology
Annex 5: Joint Crediting Mechanism Guidelines for Developing Project Design Document and Monitoring Report
Annex 6: Joint Crediting Mechanism Guidelines for Developing Sustainable Development Implementation Plan and Report
Annex 7: Joint Crediting Mechanism Guidelines for Designation as a Third-Party Entity
Annex 8: Joint Crediting Mechanism Guidelines for Validation and Verification
Annex 9: Common Specifications of the JCM Registry
Annex 10: Joint Crediting Mechanism Glossary of Terms
Decision on no objection to the planned project
- LK_PIN001 “12.8MW Solar Power Project in Kebithigollewa, North Central Province”