JC Members

JC Members from the Lao side

Mr. Syamphone SENGCHANDALA Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Mr. Khammanh SORPASETH Ministry of Energy and Mines
Mr. Thongdam KHOUNOUDOM Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Mr. Khamsene OUNKHAM Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Mr. Saysamone CHANSANGA Ministry of Science and Technology
Mr. Taiphasavan FANGTHONG Ministry of Health
Ms. Dalavone KIDTIPHAN Ministry of Education and Sports
Mr. Xayabandith INSISIENGMAY Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Ms. Sisavanh DETVONGSONE Lao Women Union

JC Members from the Japanese side

Mr. Keiichi IWAMOTO Embassy of Japan in the Lao PDR
Mr. Kaoru MAGOSAKI Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Toshiaki NAGATA Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mr. Kazuhisa KOAKUTSU Ministry of the Environment
Mr. Takashi YAMAZAKI Forestry Agency
Mr. Takahiro SUENAGA Embassy of Japan in the Lao PDR