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Electronic Decision by the JC

11 Jul 21

The Joint Committee adopted the decision on a proposed project, a third party entity and an interim special measure for the on-site assessment by TPEs by electronic means.

Registration of proposed JCM project
- PW004 “Introduction of 0.4MW Rooftop Solar Power System in Supermarket and Hotel”

Designation of a TPE for an additional sectoral scope of 12 for validation and verification
- EPIC Sustainability Services Private Limited (EPIC)

Decision on interim special measure for on-site assessment by TPEs
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Joint Committee between Palau and Japan (JC) decided to ease requirements on an on-site visit of the first verification by a third-party entity (TPE) as a temporary measure effective from 11 July until 31 December 2021.
If an on-site visit for the first verification assessment cannot be conducted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a TPE may use other appropriate auditing techniques for verification, as referred to in section 8.1.2. of the “Joint Crediting Mechanism Guidelines for Validation and Verification (version01.0) (VVG)”.
In the above regard, the JC decided to allow until 31 December 2021, to deviate from the requirements in para 84 of the VVG. Where the TPE relies on this temporary measure, it describes in the verification report the alternative means used and justifies that they are credible and sufficient for the purpose of verification and that the on-site visit cannot be conducted.

Decision on interim special measure for on-site assessment by TPEs